We offer several different types of alcohol
treatment options:

These drugs do not STOP Addiction, they help with the cravings.

We are one of the few doctors in the Southwest Florida area that do prior
for these different alcohol treatment medications.



Alcohol Treatment Options Bonita Springs FL
VIVITROL Is an antagonist or blocking medication.
Antagonists attach to alcohol receptors, but do not cause the release of dopamine. They are non-addictive and do not lead to physical dependence. Antagonists create a barrier that blocks molecules from attaching to alcohol receptors. VIVITROL blocks alcohol receptors in the brain for one month at a time, helping patients to prevent relapse to alcohol dependence, following detox, while they focus on counseling.


Oral Naltrexone has been used approved to treat alcohol use disorders (AUDs) since 1994. Naltrexone reduces both the rewarding effects of alcohol and craving for it. Oral Naltrexone is another treatment option offered for alcohol dependence.

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